Make Room for God

From October 20, 2019 As we grow more deeply in our relationship with God, we no longer fear God because our intimacy with God allows us to experience God as a loving parent who is always present to us. In time, our harsh judgmental attitude is slowly transformed into a gentle empathy.

Driving into an Abyss

From October 18, 2019 Billy didn’t make it to work on Wednesday. He got within ten minutes of Santa Chiara when he became so stressed, he turned around and went home. Yesterday, on the way to the airport he explained what had unnerved him. When he brought his car to a stop due to traffic, a guy approached him and…

A Heart of Flesh

From October 19, 2019 There has been no news from Billy since my return to Florida. Hopefully, no news is good news. I do speak everyday with Bency and Naïve. Jarline is caring for them, while Baby and Carla are caring for Peter, Clare, Teresa, and Judeline. Things sound relatively calm during those calls.