The Sad Saga of Isidore

From February 6, 2020 For me, Isidore became a symbol of all the harm Ecarlatte did…and how we are still cleaning up the mess she made. But that is all history now. We are trying to let it go and move on in peace as we create a better home for the children.

The First Step

From February 5, 2020 Yesterday we purchased three small refrigerators and three small stoves, one for each of the two-bedroom apartments we rented in the four-unit apartment complex adjacent to our back wall. It is the first step in freeing up space in the main house to expand the toddler’s area enough so each child will have a small bedroom.

Each Moment

From February 4, 2020 We begin each day without knowing how it will end. But in that very beginning we see the promise, see the road to fulfillment.