Grateful Hearts

From February 10, 2020 On Saturday morning, Rolland waved enthusiastically to me when I stepped outside the second-floor gate. When he reached me, Rolland shook my hand and said, “May God bless you.” I guess I must have looked quizzically at him. He said, in his haltering English, “Last night I sleep very good.”

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

From February 9, 2020 Even though we work to obtain the bread we need daily, our daily bread is a gift and a grace.

The Multiple Moves

From February 8, 2020 My old office/bedroom is now the clinic. The old master bedroom occupied by four adults and four babies & toddlers is now my office. The old clinic is now my bedroom. Immanuela and her family have settled in to their new apartment, and Baby and Carla have moved into their new apartment. Everyone is tired but…

The Move Is On

From February 7, 2020 Yesterday we began phase one of the big, multi-step relocation plan. The day began with Billy and I driving to the gigantic building supply store to buy paint. Together with all the guys of staff, we moved all the furniture from what was the master bedroom that had been Baby, Carla, Peter, Judeline, Clare, Teresa, and…