Visitation Sunday

From March 2, 2020 Yesterday afternoon, Jarline came to my office to inform me that Isidore’s family was downstairs. I went down to greet them but the was no one to translate. I took this photo:

Papa, Papa!!!

From March 1, 2020 The very early morning drive went smoothly. With few cars on the road, I made the drive in one hour and fifty minutes…the fastest ever. Flight took off and landed on time. Billy and Jarline were there to greet me.

Cleared for Take Off

From February 28, 2020 Looking back on my week in Florida, I thought for sure on this trip there we would be at least a day or two for actual relaxation. My hope was that on one day my “to do” list would have just one word on it: nothing. Ah, how I longed for a day to do nothing.…