Saturday’s Sack Race

From March 31, 2020 To see so much fun and hear so much laughter was a welcomed relief to tension and fear felt outside our walls and around the world. There is hope. And as you are about to read much kindness in the midst of the rising death toll from the coronavirus.

Brother Corona

From March 30, 2020 There is a Franciscan priest who is a highly regarded writer and poet. He is the author of many books on Franciscan spirituality. One of his books was instrumental in helping me fall in love with the mendicant little brother who, back in the 12th century, took Lady Poverty as his bride.

A Photo Meditation

From March 29, 2020 Today’s Journal is a photo collage of moments captured on film.


From March 27, 2020 Nurse Rose had been in my office for about 30 minutes discussing problem she had with a member of the staff. The meeting ending around 3:30pm. I walked with Rose as she returned to the clinic and I was headed downstairs to find a kid to help me distribute apples. When I open the door, we…


From March 26, 2020 Over the last twenty years, in my books, films, and talks, I can’t begin to imagine how many times I discussed compassion and its root meaning. The word means “to suffer with.” This deeper meaning of the word struck me with new force yesterday morning as I was driving the malnourished infant and her mother and…

The Long Haul

From March 25, 2020 As these days of confusion and concern about the coronavirus in Haiti grind on, I’m becoming more settled in the reality that I’m here for the long haul. Already, this trip is the longest I’ve been in Haiti with a week-long Floridian respite from the harshness of life in Haiti.

Air of Confusion

From March 24, 2020 The day began with the word spreading around that there are no coronavirus victims in Haiti. The buzz was that the Haitian government was claiming there were cases to get money from a fund to help Caribbean nations fight the deadly disease.

Look, Up in the Sky, It’s a Plane!

From March 23, 2020 On Sunday morning at 10:45am, I was in my office working on a new book, when I heard a sound I had not heard in a few days: an airline jet taking off. I turned my head to the left and off in the distance I could see a plane climbing up through the bright morning…

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

From March 22, 2020 Around the world, life as we’ve known is being dramatically transformed. Whatever “normal” was in your life is now history. A return to normal any time soon is unlikely. We may be in a new normal. The best-case scenario for the outcome of the current coronavirus is very bleak. The worst-case scenario offered by leading epidemiologists…

The Day Things Changed in Haiti

From March 21, 2020 Overnight in Haiti, things changed. The two known cases of the coronavirus, one in Port-au-Prince, the other in the countryside, are both Belgians. The came in connection with an orphanage. The brought the virus with them. Then it was reported that a very famous Haitian musician travel from France. Once back in Haiti he had all…