Kiddos Photos

From April 20, 2020 Naïve likes to wash my dishes. She’ll do anything to be on the 2nd floor.

Coloring Saturday

From April 19, 2020 Today’s Journal is a collection of photos from Saturday.

Drinking Water

From April 18, 2020 As you know from previous Journals and photos, we have a truck that delivers 150 five-gallon jugs of pure drinking water every three weeks. We pay 15,000 gourdes for the water, which comes to about $10 per jug. We must pay the $150 in cash.

New Ardor

From April 17, 2020 On April 16, 2020 I woke up exhausted. The day before, my sciatica was causing me great discomfort. Walking was painful. Siting was even more painful. Many of the Santa Chiara staff were balking at some of the necessary changes that had to be made.

Male Staff Photos

From April 16, 2020 Last week I shared photos of Leobel caring for an infant when he was 14 years old. Now five years later he works Santa Chiara and lives in an apartment adjacent to us that I rented for the male staff. One Journal reader asked me to share a photo of Leobel at 19. I’ve also included…