Good News/Bad News

October 3, 2022

First, the good news. A few days ago, the editor of Notre Dame magazine and invited me to contribute an essay on Haiti for their winter edition of the magazine. Normally, the pieces they run contain about 2,000 words. He said I could have 3,000 to tell the story. I sent him the prelude of the Merton book which contains the dire situation in Haiti as it was a month ago; it details the gang violence, the murders, beheadings, and kidnappings.

The Geometry of Life

From October 2, 2022

Yesterday, Jesula, one of the weekend supervisors, introduced a new education program for the kids. It is an on-going course covering an introduction to several fields of study, such as geometry and chemistry. The course is offered in Creole and English. Jesula came with a projector to show series of images. Sheriff Stéphanie assisted Jesula and to maintain discipline, as the kids have very creative ways to be excused from the school room.

The Madness Continues

From October 1, 2022

Gabens sent me a five-minute audio message yesterday that was very discouraging. He was out
in the early morning and managed to do some banking, make it to SCCC and do a short shopping
for items they needed. Then he rushed home as the protests heated up…same old thing: burning
tires, looting, and causing general mayhem.

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