When the Heart Speaks

From October 6, 2022

Yesterday I was tied up in knots over my obsession with the Notre Dame Magazine essay and my paralyzing concern about its length, as well as worrying about the explosive situation in Haiti. This trip had gifted me with three extra days because I left Haiti earlier than scheduled because of security concerns. Suddenly, I felt I was running out of time, that I had four days left before my flight back to Haiti and I had at least five days of work to do.

A Humanitarian Nightmare

From October 5, 2022

Haiti’s history gives little reason for optimism. Haiti is a failed state. There is no legitimate
government, no judiciary, no parliament, and a weak police force incapable of stopping the gangs
that now rule over 60 per cent of the capital. All social services have been terminated. The people,
especially the poor, are on their own.

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