The Looming Catastrophe

From October 8, 2022

Every day Gabens calls staffers to see what is going on in the streets in order to determine if it is safe for him and other staffers to make it to Santa Chiara. Four million Haitians face food insecurity. This is what is impossible for me to fathom: people in power make unholy alliances with gangs to attack the citizens for their own twisted ends.

Guns, Cholera, Danger, Destruction, and Thoughtfulness

From October 7, 2022

Congresswoman Val Demings of Florida has introduced legislation to help uncover the funders of gang violence in Haiti. Supporters of the Demings bill said the legislation will determine through investigations by federal agencies the ties between Haiti’s gang violence and its financial backers in the States. The aim is to turn off the flow of guns to Haiti.

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