Life in Haiti

From October 13, 2022

Life in Haiti is depressing. All joy we could squeeze out of a day just a few months ago has vanished. All you see are sad, tired, fed-up faces. The people are worn down by stress and fear. Yesterday, Steph and I zipped down to the little local supermarket at the bottom of the hill. When we reached the main street (Delmas, 33) we saw very few cars. Not because the streets were blocked but because no one had gas to operate their cars.

Cheap Gas

From October 11, 2022

On Monday morning Gabens called early to say that our former security guard, Robenson, made
contact with someone who would sell us 14 gallons of gasoline for only about $20 a gallon. That
comes to about $280. I gave the money to Michel and he set out to get the gas. I expressed to
Gabens my concern about the need for diesel fuel.

Home Again

From October 10, 2022

Dennis picked me up at 5:30am. We were at the Ft. Lauderdale airport shortly after seven. We actually landed in Haiti, a few minutes early at 11:19am. I was the first through immigration. When I got the customs desk and handed the agent my form, he simply said, “You know what to do.”

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