From November 23, 2022

As you express your prayers of thanksgiving to God add on a little prayer for the people and children of Haiti who are so desperate for even the slightest ray of hope that things will get better soon. May God bless each of you and shower you with an abundance of blessings…and not too much stuffing.

Going to the Hoop

From November 21, 2022

On Saturday afternoon after the vegetable truck left, Michel began playing basketball with five or six little kids. I began to take photos. Basically, basketball for the kids mixes in a little soccer. If the ball was on the ground, they would kick it to another kid. Dribbling seemed optional. They often ran with the ball as if they were an NFL running back. But oh, what fun it was.

The Market Comes to Us

From November 20, 2022

Gabens and Michel go to a vegetable (and fruit) every week. As they were checking out, the power went out. It took time for the register to boot up. They had to run all the food through again. Amazingly, the same thing happened again, just seconds before the sale was completed. The third time was not a charm. The owners said they did not want to waste more of their time. They said they would deliver everything as soon as they could.

Shooting Touches Home

From November 18, 2022

Wednesday evening, after finishing yesterday’s journal, I went downstairs for a little walk. It is like a prison yard walk. Darkness have enveloped the yard. Some kids were playing basketball, some were playing board games. I walked to the back of the yard to just sit alone. Naïve beat me to the bench. She was seated alone. She looked sad.

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