The Fog of Reality

From December 22, 2022

My mode is agitated. My spirit is distressed. My future is uncertain. This was my state of mind yesterday morning when I plopped myself down in front of my computer to begin a task I dreaded: writing Thursday’s Journal. These Journals are often a huge struggle to write. Yet, they are the main reason for our survival. Most days, I am up for the challenge to create something that might hold some reader’s interest. But there are many days I’d rather have root-canal surgery than try to share the daily hassles and tussles at Santa Chiara.

The Stunning Difference

From December 21, 2022

The airport outside of Santa Domingo is beautiful. Immigration processing is well-organized and
very efficient. They had all the latest airport security equipment to speed up the process of
clearing customs. All the agents were courteous and polite. When we landed in Haiti, it was pure
chaos as we landed just after a big jet arrived from Cuba.

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