The Great Decluttering Weekend

From May 30, 2023

I rarely sleep more than six hours a night. I slept for nine hours on Sunday night. When I got up on Monday my body ached. But I felt a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders. For at least the last three years, I would visit the storage unit to search for something I needed, usually a book. It always depressed me. I had to move so much stuff out of the unit just to make my way into it to find a box that contained the book I wanted.

Choking Smoke

From May 26, 2023

On Wednesday before leaving for the airport, I entered my office and saw smoke drifting into the room. The big new window was open. People near to us were burning trash. The gentle breeze blew the smoke into my office. This is why my breathing became more labored in Haiti during this last trip.

Partial Recess

From May 25, 2023

On Saturday, a friend from Cleveland (and former Chair of the Board) will be visiting me. She and her husband will be staying in a hotel within walking distance of the jetty. We will spend time clearing out my storage unit and making room in the apartment for Stéphanie. My closets are filled with boxes of DVD’s and books.

The Man

From May 24, 2023

I travel back to Ft. Pierce, Florida later today. What pleases me is leaving Santa Chiara in the capable hand of Mr. Gabens Preval. We are so blessed to have him at the helm these last two years. He has literally transformed the culture and work ethic at Santa Chiara, bringing very capable and skilled people. We have greatly expanded our services to the children.

From Smiles to Tears

From May 22, 2023

Some days, Naïve can be downcast. Yesterday seemed like a fun day for Naïve. She enjoyed signing at the children’s worship service. She sat next while I was writing in a shady spot downstairs. After lunch I was seated at the back of the property when she sat next to me. The next thing I knew, she and Ally were standing behind me doing something to my hair.

Good Morning, Haiti

From May 21, 2023

Yesterday shortly after awakening, I sat at my desk in front of the computer. Before sending yesterday Journal of most photos, I opened the window. It had rained overnight. The air was clean and cool. I took this photo on Saturday evening. As I looked out at the dawning day, I felt like shouting (á la Robin Williams), “Good Morning, Haiti!!! Welcome to another day in hell.”

Bumping Around in the Darkness

From May 19, 2023

At the end of the preface of my book Thoughts of a Blind Beggar, which was published by Orbis Books in 2007, I wrote: “…it is abundantly clear that we are all blind beggars, and we all need to stretch out open hands to God, who will give us sight and teach us how to see things differently, how to see things as they are, in their fullness, wholeness, and connectedness.” I am still blind, bumping around in the darkness of Haiti, trying to make a difference instead of trying to be more loving.

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