Home Again

From June 5, 2023

The flight back to Haiti landed on time. My carry-on luggage contained lots of toys and special clothes for the kids. My friend, Nancy, aka the Queen of Decluttering, brought with her from Cleveland an assortment of toys and puzzles, including frisbees. I purchased an assortment of seven small toy cars for the boys, as well as African blouses for the older girls.

A Hole Less Deep

From June 4, 2023

Securing the operating funds for Santa Chiara is more stressful than coping with the violence in
Santa Chiara. It takes about $25,000 a month to operate Santa Chiara…and half of that
came from just one person. Before I went to the post office yesterday for the last time on
this short trip to Florida, we had only received just over $12,000 in donations.

Back to the War Zone

From June 3, 2023

It has been an exhausting nine days in Florida. While I am thrilled to have cleaned out and
reorganized the storage unit (I moved more boxes from the apartment into it this week), it ate up
a lot of time and so the normal administrative chores got crammed into the remaining time,
leaving me no time for my relaxing walks along the jetty.

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