Walkin’ in the Rain

From June 17, 2023

Yesterday, was my fifth full day in Florida and the first time I had a chance to take a walk on the Jetty. The days since my return have been jammed with nonstop work, much of it centered on a big, upcoming event which should be very helpful to Santa Chiara. Late yesterday afternoon, I knew I had to get out for a walk.

Journal Roulette

From June 16, 2023

was so busy yesterday on several fronts that will help Santa Chiara, but which I am not yet at liberty
to discuss (stay tuned), that I never had time to write a Journal. It was 9:18pm last night and I was
exhausted. I had been going nonstop (except for a brief run to the post office to mail my Merton book
to the editor of a publication that wants to review) since 7:00am, when I suddenly realized in all my
busyness (including at least two hours on the phone), that I failed to write a Journal for today.

The Voice of Love

From June 15, 2023

The work of social activists is slow, long, and hard…with lots of anguish, frustration, and road
blocks. Those who serve the poor need a deep well to replenish themselves. They need a strong
spiritual component to keep them going. I need a very strong spiritual center to support my
journey in Haiti, to overcome the threats of violence, to forgive those who have harmed me, stolen
from me, and hurt me.

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