More Photos from 2016

From July 1, 2016 Today’s journal is a series of more photos from 2016.

Memory Lane

From June 30, 2020 Yesterday, I came across a flash drive while fishing for something in my cluttered desk drawer. I inserted into my computer and was surprised by what was on the flash drive. Photos from our second location (in Peguyville) taken early in 2016.

A Few Words/A Few Photos

From June 29, 2020 Most of my time in Florida so far has been spent in my apartment, dealing with correspondence and dreaded administrative chores; it has not been easy catching up on four months of neglect. I had a very nice dinner on Saturday night with Dr. Bowen and his wife, Elizabeth.

Day One

From June 27, 2020 Before the February 29th trip to Haiti, I felt I had one foot planted in Haiti and one foot planted in Florida. But before I boarded the plane for Florida on June 25th, I felt as if I had both feet firmly planted in Haiti. Florida had slowly faded from my consciousness.

Back in Florida

From June 26, 2020 On Thursday morning, I was up at 4:15am. I had not set the alarm. I had such travel anxiety I just couldn’t sleep. Around 5:15am, I logged onto the JetBlue website. It was far too early to check the flight status for my 12:48pm flight #1210…but I did anyway. It said on time. Of course, an…

Up, Up, and Away

From June 25, 2020 In a few hours, Billy will drive me to the airport for my 12:48pm flight to Ft. Lauderdale. It is just four days short of four months since I landed in Haiti. Florida and my small apartment on Hutchinson Island off the coast of Ft. Pierce seem like a distant memory.

Gerry Joins Gym

From June 24, 2020 Outside the male staff’s apartment, the guys set up a gym. They do weight lifting and exercising every day. A week ago, I was visiting them to see Giles. Half joking, I said I wanted to workout with them. The joke turned serious when Mackenson became my personal trainer.

Grandma & Her Grandkids

From June 23, 2020 This the back of the apartment that is adjacent to the back of Santa Chiara.We have three of the four units. Baby and Carla live in the back unit on the 2nd floor.


From June 22, 2020 If all goes right, I’ll be flying to Florida on Thursday. I’ve been in Haiti for just a few days under four months. Last week, I contacted JetBlue to book my return trip. I wanted to come back on June 9th. That would have given me 13 full days in Ft. Pierce, plus two travel days.

My Two Youngest Kids

From June 21, 2020 Every day when I come home from Mass, Peter Francis and Clare Marie run up to me. They follow me upstairs. I give them each a class of juice and a piece of fruit.