One Human Family

From September 24, 2023

Below is a link to a film I made just before putting my film ministry, Pax et Bonum Communications, on hold because I was being drawn to Haiti. The film was finished just as I was boxing up my stuff to move from Burbank, California to Ft. Pierce, Florida. Unfortunately, the film got lost in the chaos of the move and was never released.

Stress upon Stress

From September 23, 2023

During this prolonged time away from Haiti due to medical appointments, the move, the talk in Michigan, Steph and I only get to share two maybe three short video calls a day…when the internet is functioning in the disfunction of Haiti. I worry about her out on the streets buying clothing and supplies for the school.

Looking Back

From September 22, 2023

This morning when I woke up, I realized I had not written a Journal. I was going to send a NO JOURNAL TODAY mailing, when I had the idea to look back and see what was happening in this date two years ago, and simply make todays Journal a flashback to this date in 2021.

Touch the Wounds

From September 21, 2023

Pax et Bonum Communications will sometime soon release a series of new films under the banner of One Human Family. The first instalment will feature Kenya. During the presentation next week, I will screen the opening scene from One Human Family: Uganda…which features a re-edited version of the heartbreaking story of Sam & Esther.

Me and Naïve

From September 20, 2023

I miss my SCCC family in Haiti and can’t wait to get back from Michigan and head back to Haiti. I was happy to receive from Gabens a new batch of photos from Naïve. I asked Gabens to tell Naïve I was proud of her and that I would try to get her a new, better camera soon.

The Paradise Within

From September 18, 2023

I was deeply wounded by two people in Haiti whom I loved and trusted. But those wounds were, in time, a gateway to life’s deeper meaning and the ability to forgive all who have harmed me in ways large and small during my life. The wounds became a means of a deeper healing.

A Half Mile Walk to Paradise

From September 17, 2023

After the tsunami of words in yesterday’s Journal, today’s edition will be a trickle of photos. I spent all day on Friday inside my place in Vero Beach working on my Michigan talk. It was the first time in over two weeks when I did not shuttle stuff from OV (Ocean Village) to VB (Vero Beach). Cleaning out the old place was more exhausting and time consuming than I imagined.

Life Lessons from Haiti

From September 16, 2023

Over time, I slowly came to see that the call to holiness was an open invitation to enter fully into a committed relationship with God. But how do we do that? Our lives are already filled with obligations and struggles, stuffed with too many demands and things to do. But if we even take baby steps to responding to God’s constant embrace of us, God graciously nurtures growth in the relationship, by using events, circumstances, and people in our earth-bound lives as instruments to hasten a contemplative outlook on life. Prayer, however we define it, becomes a vital part of our day.

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