Portraits of Happy Kids

From June 17, 2018 Look at all the happy faces at SCCC! Read Full Journal Entry Here

Saturday Follow-Up

June 11, 2018 There is so much more I wanted to say about the amazing day with the MC sisters on Saturday. When Billy went home around 6:30pm, I said, “Now the hardest part of my day begins. I gotta somehow summarize the day for tomorrow’s Journal.” Beyond just writing, which was hard enough, I had to take the photos…

With Sincere Gratitude

I greatly appreciate the prayers that were offered for my brother Bill in response to yesterday’s Journal. What I failed to mention about my brother was his total dedication to caring for his daughter who had Down’s Syndrome. I am also thankful for the first donation to a fund for the construction of the much-needed girl’s dorm, which came from a monthly donor from Michigan.

Bus Is Almost Gone

This Green Card situation is driving me crazy. (I know…it’s a short drive.) My plan for Thursday, was to drive to the Homeland Security Office in West Palm Beach, which is about a 75-minute drive. I thought I could walk in and talk with someone about the situation.

From Bus to Beds

I hope two days of bus demolition photos weren’t too boring. Removing that bus was a very significant event in the life of Santa Chiara. It had dominated so much space. I wanted to give the kids more room to play.

A New Baby Joins the Family

Three days ago, a female staff member asked Ecarlatte if she would take a newborn infant into Santa Chiara. Ecarlatte said no. The staffer then asked Ecarlatte if she would help her find a home for the 2-day-old infant. Ecarlatte asked her what she was talking about. The woman said she found the baby in the garbage dump behind her shack in Cité Soleil. Ecarlatte said she would take the baby as her own child.