One Child

From December 22, 2018 On paper, it looks fairly simple: take a child to an appointment to a hospital specializing in infectious diseases and skin conditions. Yet in realty, such a simple task can illustrate the complexity of caring for 70 vulnerable children, 24 of whom are toddlers. On Thursday, the top item on our agenda was to take Naica…

Sr. Walencia?

From December 28, 2018 On Wednesday, Walencia gestured that she wanted some juice. She followed me up the back stairs to the second-floor apartment. Giles jumped all over us when we entered the wicker chair room. I gave Walencia a small cartoon of juice from atop the refrigerator. I had expected to go back downstairs, but she just smiled and…

The Fourth Sunday of Advent

The Fourth Sunday of Advent

From December 24, 2018 Sunday was busy with preparations for the Christmas celebration. Christmas carols filed the air. The kids were bursting with expectation. The supervisory staff were busy fine-tuning the schedule. Kids who had solo song performances were rehearsing. The last of the gifts were wrapped. Some older benches were being repaired and repainted. Read Full Journal Here