Looking Back

From December 31, 2019 2019 was a very difficult year in Haiti. The violent anti-government protests left many people dead and many buildings burned to the ground. Everything we had to do outside the walls of Santa Chiara—from shuttling kids to hospitals and making twice weekly trips to the supermarket—was a challenge. Yet, by God’s grace and the generous support…

Hidden and Waiting

From December 30, 2019 There are going to be days when our faith lacks any sense of presence, that it is out to lunch or on a prolonged hiatus. But the very desire to feel or sense our faith points to the reality of our faith, that it exists and is real. If our faith is alive, it is always…

In This Present Moment

From December 29, 2019 Before Haiti, I used to have blog. Each day I posted a spiritual reflection. I had forgotten about that until yesterday when my computer ran out of space. While I was deleting old files. I came across of file containing loads of reflections that I had posted.

The Cruelest Thing

From December 28, 2019 I’ve been deeply moved and greatly helped by the many warm, wise, and compassionate e-mails I’ve received from Journal readers who wanted to support and encourage me during the separation trials after years of emotional abuse.

A New Day

From December 27, 2019 I am happy to be flying to Florida for a few extra days of rest and reflection. Still, I hate leaving my Haitian family—Billy, Baby, Carla, Judeline & Peter—but there is much work to be done in Florida.

Change in Travel Plans

From December 26, 2019 I was scheduled to return to Florida on January 2, 2020, but I’ve elected to return tomorrow, a full six days early. The reasons are manifold, some of which I will share. But the primary reason is that I’m exhausted and emotionally distraught by the on-going insanity of dealing with the termination of my tragic marriage.

Merry Christmas!

From December 25, 2019 In lieu of a full Journal post, I am sharing a Christmas message from some of the Santa Chiara kids. Also, check out our Facebook page for a short video of Santa dancing!

Christmas Blessings

From December 24, 2019 My wish for all the faithful Haiti Journal readers this Christmas is simple: May this be the best Christmas of your life and that you make a resolution that the Incarnation be the central reality of your life because Jesus is not just an historical figure but he is living in you. Because of the Incarnation…

Merry Christmas!

The Santa Chiara Christmas Letter We are preparing for Christmas this year, and the children are so excited! We work hard to have a small gift for each child. This is often the only gift these children receive for the entire year, and the response to such simple toys is extraordinary. We wish you and yours health, happiness and security in…

A Dream Come True

From December 23, 2019 On Saturday night, in a long crazy dream someone told me that Fr. Tom had returned to Haiti. On Sunday morning, I was seated in the back of the chapel at the MC sisters. It was almost 6:30am, and there was no priest. Then I heard the distinctive sound of Fr. Tom’s vehicle enter the compound.…