The Fullness of Life

From February 11, 2019

On the day John Dear returned to California after his visit with us, I asked him if he would pen a few words about his experience at Santa Chiara . . .

Just back from an intense week in Haiti, helping out the Santa Chiara Children’s Center, an orphanage for 68 children run by my friend Gerry Straub. In the midst of Haiti’s suffering, there I saw unconditional love and joy. What a blessing.

For the Birds, Part Two

From January 31, 2019

For the past few days, I only got about an hour out of the apartment for the express purpose of relaxing. All I did in that hour was walk along the jetty trying capture images of the various birds. In an hour I can take over 200 photos…and by the time I leave, my arm is tired from holding my big, heavy 300mm lens. But I love that hour…an hour without thinking about Santa Chiara, raising funds, answering correspondence, preparing my own personal income tax return, and picking up the mail.

New Eyes, New Hearts

From January 26, 2019

Yesterday was so busy, filled to the brim with banking matters and applying for a grant and correspondence, which stretched well into the evening. I was so busy I had not given any thought to the Journal. I was too tired to think of anything original, and there was, thank God, no distressing news from Haiti to report, I decided to simply share a reflection from a new book I’m struggling to write titled Sunrise of the Soul.

Birthday Boy

From January 27, 2019

Peter Francis’ first birthday was the day after I returned to Florida. Santa Chiara celebrated the miracle boy’s milestone with a big party. For the sake of the new Journal readers, Peter Francis was left on a garbage dump by his distraught mother when he was just one day old. A staff member of ours found him and brought him to Santa Chiara.

The Fort Worth Connection

From January 24, 2019

The first question I asked the group from Texas as I drove them to Santa Chiara on Tuesday was, “Where in Texas are you from?” When they said Fort Worth, Texas, I said, “If it wasn’t for some very wonderful people in Ft. Worth, I might not have survived 2018.” I then told them how I was invited to give my “poverty and prayer” presentation at the First Presbyterian Church in Ft. Worth back in early November 2017.

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