God’s Vulnerability

From March 30, 2019

Love cannot be conditional. Love cannot be purchased. Love cannot be used for our gain, cannot be self-centered.
Love is liberating. Love is self-emptying, is to be given away. Love is only known from within, as an experience that changes everything, even changes bread and wine into the very substance of God. Love is all powerful, all merciful, all compassionate, all forgiving, always giving. The source of love is God the creator and sustainer of everything. Love animates all life. And through love all life is connected.

Living Saints and Pious Frauds

From March 31, 2019

I posted the following on my now-defunct blog during Advent of 2009, just days before leaving on my first trip to Haiti. I was struggling to live the Gospel more fully. I still am. What I wrote nearly ten years ago still sounds like a tough message. I suppose Christianity is an all or nothing venture. A lukewarm follower of Christ does not become a light to the world, does not become the change that changes everything.

The Breath of Life

From March 24, 2019

After a long sleepless night which gifted me with hours of quiet writing, yesterday was the best day I’ve had in weeks. The cough was mild enough I was able to go out for a few hours to get a long overdue haircut and to buy some pajamas for Bency, Naïve, and Ally. I took two long naps. I tried to take a walk in the late afternoon, but tired quickly. I think the worst is behind me.

Hidden in the Rubble

From March 27, 2019

My second trip to Haiti came just days after the earthquake. I flew in with a medical team on a private jet. We landed in the middle of an absolute nightmare of twisted, broken bodies. I saw crushed arms and legs being amputated. I saw death and destruction on an unimaginable level. I saw streets littered with corpses. I saw the skeletal remains of a person burned to death. The following reflection was written at the end of that second trip.

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