Just Another Crazy Day in Haiti

From November 27, 2019

Once again yesterday, Jarline, Walencia, and I went to 6:30am Mass at the MC sisters. During Fr. Tom’s homily, Wally put her head on my shoulder and feel asleep. Fr. Tom spoke movingly about the aftermath of the earthquake and how the sisters cared for him and hundreds of injured people. He said that as Christians we are pilgrims on a journey and the road is often not smooth or straight.

The Sean O’Flynn Clinic

From November 26, 2019

From my perspective, the most essential component of Santa Chiara is the medical clinic. The idea of establishing clinic began percolating in my head when I realized how much time we spent during the first few years shuttling kids to hospital, and then spending endless hours in the hospital trying to navigate a child through the system. I think many of my own health issues stemmed from my spending so much time in the under-staffed, ill-equipped, dirty hospital that were a breading ground for all kinds of illnesses.

Going Home

From November 23, 2019

After a day of relative tranquility and reading on Thursday, I woke up yesterday morning feeling calm, but filled with uncertainty about not only the infection and the clotting in my arm but also if I could go home on Saturday. I was desperate to return to Haiti. I was comforted by an email I received overnight from a friend who is both a nurse practitioner and a Secular Franciscan.

A Culture of Emptiness

From November 22, 2019

For St. Francis of Assisi, his interior life took precedence over all else. His primary desire was to have a mindful openness to God at all times. St. Bonaventure tells us that when Francis was deep in prayer he became “oblivious of all that went on about him” and that he often became “lost in ecstasy.” That does not happen to many of us…and I suspect it doesn’t because we don’t give enough time to prayer.

The Armpit Guy

From November 21, 2019

Yesterday did not go I had hoped. A new serious complication came to light. I will not be able to return to Haiti as early as I has intended. For now, I’ll offer a simple summary of what happened during my time with the private surgeon. Before the doctor was able to look at the infection, I told him that a potential problem had surfaced which worried me. I raised my right arm and pointed out the hardened line running from my armpit to my elbow.

A Better Day

From November 20, 2019

For me, writing is a way into inner stillness and calmness. I’m writing something deeply personal about my inner experience of the last six months. It is not meant for the Journal. Perhaps no one will ever see it. It is just something I need to do to help me understand some inner movement and how it might impact my future in Haiti. Haiti is my future.

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