War Zone

From October 30, 2019

Yesterday, when I heard the horn from the little, green Honda at 8:00am, I knew two things: Billy made it to work and the streets were clear. I was half right. Billy said he left his home in the pre-dawn darkness in hopes that would improve his chances of making it to Santa Chiara. He said the streets were littered with rocks and garbage. “It looked like a war zone.”

The Hope of the Church

From October 29, 2019

Yesterday afternoon, I attempted to go out and just drive around our neighborhood, staying on the dirt roads. I just wanted to being in an air condition environment with classical music playing for 15 minutes. It was a feeble attempt to escape the noise and chaos of Santa Chiara. Most of the staff did not make it to work because of the massive protests that virtually shut the city down.

A Dark Week Ahead

From October 27, 2019

The word is that the protest organizers will begin a massive week-long protest starting today. Yesterday, everyone in the city was in a frenzied, panicked rush to gather up all the supplies to last for what promises to be a week were few stores will be open and most road blocked. It has been reported that the police might join the protests rather than contain it. I have no idea what that will mean.

Greetings from Haiti

From October 24, 2019

Yesterday afternoon around noon, I was finishing up my packing with the intention of leaving for the hotel near the airport around 3 o’clock. I was suddenly hit with one of my PTSD panic attacks which left me with blurred vision and a whopping headache. I had to sit on the recliner chair with my eyes closed for about ten minutes, which is about how long it takes for an episode to pass and my vision restored.

Time Travel

October 23, 2019

After changing my return flight from Saturday afternoon to very early tomorrow morning, I thought about the reality of heading for the airport at two in the morning. I had the idea of driving to Ft. Lauderdale this afternoon and spending the night in a hotel near the airport. I did a little research and found an inexpensive room one mile from the airport. I made a reservation.

Spiritually Breathing with both Lungs

From October 21, 2019

For me, the best part of being in Ft. Pierce is being able to attend the divine liturgy at Ss. Cyril & Methodius Byzantine Catholic Church. I melt into the beauty of the church and all the icons. The entire liturgy is sung. Even the proclamation of the Gospel is chanted by the priest. The liturgy takes at least 75 minutes, during which time prayers for Pope Francis are liberally sprinkled throughout.

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