All Things Considered

From September 30, 2019 The short ride from the airport on Saturday evening unnerved me. The fires, the trash and rocks of every size littering the streets, the crowds of people gathered in angry pockets of despair and disbelief filled me with grief. In my hastily written Sunday Journal which I sent on Saturday night I said the drive was…

Back at Santa Chiara

From September 29, 2019 Thankfully, the flight departed and arrived on time, which meant the drive from the airport to Santa Chiara was made before darkness fell. Still, the drive was dark and scary. There was burning trash on the sides of the main road. At one point we drove over a pile of smoldering trash.

For the Birds

From September 28, 2019 I head back to the chaos of Haiti in a few hours. The administrative work so consumed my time in Florida, I only had a chance to take two short walks lasting under an hour combined. Here are four photos I liked.

Cash & Clashes

From September 27, 2019 Whenever, I leave Haiti I leave Billy enough cash for the week I am gone. I used to have $300 hidden somewhere in the office for Billy to use in case of an emergency. It is my experience that $300 would cover any emergency. A couple of trips back, Billy had to use those hidden emergency…

Protests Intensify

From September 26, 2019 Police fired live rounds and tear gas as they clashed with protesters in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, earlier this week. Demonstrators demanding an end to the fuel crisis erected burning barricades in the streets and pelted officers with stones and glass bottles.

The Burden of Charity

From September 25, 2019 I often say to family and friends that I work harder in Florida than I do in Haiti. They are skeptical on that truthful fact. While the days are long in Haiti and the work demanding and often challenging at times, I am surrounded by…my family, those people and kids with whom I’m especially close. There…

Home Sweet Home

From September 24, 2019 Some many months ago when our landlord (Chris McNally) informed me that medical issues he and his wife (Martha) faced had necessitated his putting our house up for sale. His sincere hope was that we would be able to purchase the house. I told him that buying the house was an impossibility, as I barely had…

The Wings of Love

From September 23, 2019 Prayer and compassion are the wings of Christian life. Prayer prompts us to reach out in compassion to the suffering and weak, and helps us embrace all of humanity. Action is intrinsically united with prayer; each of us must take responsibility for meeting the needs of others, for we are the accomplices of evil if we…

Taking Risks

From September 22, 2019 When I left Haiti on Thursday morning all the schools in the city were closed, as it was deemed too dangerous for kids to be on the streets…whether walking to school or being driven to school. I also faced a deep shortage in funds to cover the school tuition, plus books, uniforms, backpacks, and supplies for…

Looking Back

From September 21, 2019 Yesterday was consumed with administrative chores. No fun, but at least no one was throwing rocks at me. During a phone call, a friend mentioned something about the earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010. It brought back lots of painful memories.