All Things Considered

From September 30, 2019

The short ride from the airport on Saturday evening unnerved me. The fires, the trash and rocks of every size littering the streets, the crowds of people gathered in angry pockets of despair and disbelief filled me with grief. In my hastily written Sunday Journal which I sent on Saturday night I said the drive was a “a bit scary.” That was a gross understatement. It was terrifying.

Cash & Clashes

From September 27, 2019

Whenever, I leave Haiti I leave Billy enough cash for the week I am gone. I used to have $300 hidden somewhere in the office for Billy to use in case of an emergency. It is my experience that $300 would cover any emergency. A couple of trips back, Billy had to use those hidden emergency funds and I have been unable to replace them. In an extreme case, we could send a wire transfer of funds to our bank in Haiti. But going to the bank in normal times is a challenge. During the current unrest, the banks are now closed.

The Burden of Charity

From September 25, 2019

I often say to family and friends that I work harder in Florida than I do in Haiti. They are skeptical on that truthful fact. While the days are long in Haiti and the work demanding and often challenging at times, I am surrounded by…my family, those people and kids with whom I’m especially close. There is during the day, time for laughter, playing, and even a little time in the recliner chair with my feet up in hopes the now mild-swelling in my ankles goes down. I have an evening meal with Baby, Carla, Bency, Naïve, Peter, and Clare. It is my life.

Home Sweet Home

From September 24, 2019

Some many months ago when our landlord (Chris McNally) informed me that medical issues he and his wife (Martha) faced had necessitated his putting our house up for sale. His sincere hope was that we would be able to purchase the house. I told him that buying the house was an impossibility, as I barely had enough funds to make it to the end of the year; moreover, I had nearly $50,000 in credit card debt. The thought of moving terrified me.

Taking Risks

From September 22, 2019

When I left Haiti on Thursday morning all the schools in the city were closed, as it was deemed too dangerous for kids to be on the streets…whether walking to school or being driven to school. I also faced a deep shortage in funds to cover the school tuition, plus books, uniforms, backpacks, and supplies for 28 children, which is five more kids than attended the exterior, private school last year.

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