From April 30, 2020 It seems like just a few weeks ago, Patrickson was trying to stand up. Now he walks all over the place. He was only four months old when the Missionaries of Charity asked me to take him.

Three for One Birthday Party

From April 29, 2020 On Monday we a birthday party for three kids who celebrated birthdays in the waning days of April. Gavinson turned 8. Christalanda turned 12. Naïve turned 14.

A Special Report

From April 28, 2020 U.S. Church Faces Neglect Allegations After Deaths Of Children In Haiti Fire by Associated Press journalists Michael Weissenstein and Ben Fox

A Larger Cosmic Good

From April 27, 2020 One of the books I have with me in Haiti is an over-sized, beautiful photo/essay book titled, The Tibetans by Art Perry. His black & white photographs are exquisite, dramatically capturing the heart and soul of the people, their ancient culture, and mystical way of life, as well as the rugged beauty of the highest plateau…

No Small Drops of Love

From April 26, 2020 Beginning on page 132 of my new book, there is a short reflection titled “Small Drops of Love.” It is based on the words of Mother Teresa.

Windows of Wonder

From April 25, 2020 In the final stages of the editing of my new book which will be published by Paraclete Press on July 22nd, the editor and the two proofreaders discover about 37 quotations I had used in the book without providing the proper attributions for the quote, namely, the publisher, the date of publication, and the page from…

Car Toons

From April 24, 2020 On Wednesday night Michel told that once he had the car apart, he found a part that need to be repair. He had to take it to a guy who could solder it. He needed $50 to get it done.

A Window into the Girl’s World

From April 23, 2020 In mid-afternoon some of older girls retreat to their room. When I walked past their window they shout, “Dad, Dad.” Lately they say they want to go to New York to see Annie. Not the film, but the actual girl who played Annie in the film, Annie.

Walking Shoes

From April 22, 2020 Yesterday, I decided to go for a walk at 6:45 in the morning. It is simply too hot to walk in the afternoon. Jarline came with me. We only walked for 30 minutes. But it was a tough 30 minutes as the road is a series a hills and dips.

Remembering Terry

From April 21, 2020 My younger sister, Teresa Marie Hettenbach died on April 21, 2002. She was only 53 years old. I was filming in Brazil during the last week of her life.