Turning Around

From February 26, 2020

The gift of new life that the Resurrection of Christ gives to each of us should dramatically change the way we view the world and the way we live life. But the reality of the end of death quickly fades into a dream. Yes, we will die, but Christ forever changed the nature of death. It is no longer an ending, but a passage—a Passover—to eternal life.

Forgive me, a Sinner.

From February 24, 2020

For Roman Catholics and the rest of Protestant Christianity Lent begins in two days, on Ash Wednesday. But for Byzantine Catholics, Lent begins today with the Great Fast. Yesterday was known as Forgiveness Sunday. After the 10:30am Divine Liturgy, the entire congregation entered the small hall and we lined up for lunch. People had brought a great variety of food…all of it very good.

An Insane Budget

From February 22, 2020

A few days ago, I shared the dreadful news that a fire in an orphanage in Haiti that killed 15 kids. It was known that the orphanage was unsanitary, that the kids lived like animals, and that the fire was started by candles used by kids at night because the generator at the orphanage was not functioning. But the backstory to the preventable tragedy deepens the culpability of the operators of the orphanage.

A Grace-filled Encounter

From February 21, 2020

On Wednesday evening around 7:30pm, I received an e-mail from Billy in which he shared the news that his drive home was hampered by a new round of protests…this time by the police. He wrote they were protesting because “of the poor working conditions, treatment and a salary which cannot in any case meet their needs, and the government wants to prevent them from forming a union to defend their rights while they risk their lives every day.”

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