Advice for Me from Me

From January 30, 2020

make films, yet I don’t actually think of myself as a filmmaker. My photography has been published and praised, yet I don’t think of myself as a photographer. I have written five published books, one of which garnered two prestigious writing awards, yet I don’t really think of myself as an author. I’m the head of a non-profit charitable organization, yet that is not who I am.

A Magnet for the Broken

From January 28, 2020

Jesus was a magnet for the broken. Think about all the broken people in scripture who were drawn to Jesus. At the top of list is Zacchaeus, whose encounter with Jesus is found in the Gospel of Luke. He was a chief tax-collector at Jericho and wealthy man. You need to erase from your mind an image of a buttoned-down IRS accountant. In Jesus’ time, tax collectors were more like Tony Soprano, the fictional TV mob boss.

Letting Go

From January 25, 2020

Ecarlatte has vacated the apartment. I truly hope that Ecarlatte can let go of all her anger and resentment. Her mental illness prevents her from the kind of self-reflection she needs for a healing. All we can do is pray that her new environment, with its beauty and crisp, clean air, will be a soothing balm for her hurting spirit.

A New Chapter

From January 24, 2020

With Ecarlatte’s move to her new apartment which hopefully be completed today, we begin a new chapter in the life of the Santa Chiara Children’s Center. In May we will celebrate five years of caring for dozens upon dozens of kids. As we look to the future, we can’t fall into the trap of only seeing the things we did wrong. We need to honor all the good things we did, all the precious young lives we saved.

The Long-Awaited Move Begins

From January 23, 2020

My stomach was tied in knots yesterday morning. History has taught me that at any moment things with Ecarlatte can be derailed. Because I’ve known the tap-tap driver who arranged for the truck and would be coming with the driver, I had full confidence they would be here at 10:00am as promised. But I was worried that Ecarlatte would pull another of her stunts and the move would unravel.

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