From May 28, 2020 By late yesterday afternoon, my health situation was really deteriorating. As long as I laid still, I was able to breath. But the slightest exertion of energy left me exhausted. Coughing made my breathing become very labored.

Growing Expenses

From May 27, 2020 Yesterday upon waking I felt relatively good for the first time in ten days. When Billy and Patrick entered my office shorty after 8:00am, they both commented that I looked much better than I had in many days. But within two hours as the guys were out running errands, I was on the couch feeling dreadful.

Festive Soup

From May 26, 2020 Yesterday was another day lost to sleeping and coughing. Baby and Jarline believed my lack energy stemmed from the fact that I was not eating. So, they took it upon themselves to make Pumpkin Soup, which is normally served on New Year’s Day or some festive occasion.

More Lost Days

From May 25, 2020 No fever for four days. Breathing is fine. But there is this chronic stomach discomfort, lack of appetite, continual coughing up phlegm and extreme lack of energy. I slept most of Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday morning I felt better than I had in many days.

Voluntary Poverty

From May 24, 2020 Dorothy Day often spoke of the importance of voluntary poverty, which was at the heart of her worship and the life of the Catholic Worker movement she co-founded. She was not endorsing misery or squalor.

On the Sunny Side

From May 23, 2020 Since the stomach virus/fever struck last Saturday night, I’ve lost 13 pounds. I just had no appetite, and the little I did eat made my stomach discomfort worse.

Day 84

From May 22, 2020 Yesterday was another lost day, with many of the staff had varying degrees of the symptoms of the fever virus—diarrhea, stomach unrest, headaches. Little Sendi had a diarrhea attack in the area outside the girl’s dorm. Billy went home early on Wednesday, as he barely got home from a hopping trip before he had a diarrhea…

Day 83

From May 21, 2020 Yesterday was my 83rd consecutive day in Haiti. My temperature held steady at 36.5 (97.34f) for much of the day, which was good. Billy made to work, which was also good. He and Patrick went shopping while I took a two-hour nap…which was really good.

Dog Night Blues

From May 20, 2020 About 3:15 yesterday morning, Giles started barking so loud I thought he was somehow in the yard. I got up to check. I did not see him. The persistent barking went on for 30 minutes and briefly stopped before starting up again, this time non-stop for nearly an hour. I felt badly for the guys. If…

More Fevers

From May 19, 2020 Billy was out sick again yesterday with a fever and headache. Carla also has a fever. Over the weekend, four kids had fevers.