From June 28, 2018

In yesterday’s Journal, I never even mentioned we had to take to kids to the hospital. One was one of the new infants. The other was Baby Ruth, who came to as an infant in the near the end of 2015. She has known no other home. Her mother was a homeless alcoholic. Last year Ruth was in the hospital for nearly a month with pneumonia. Nurse Rose was concerned the symptoms had returned. She underwent tests on Tuesday. We had to bring her back to the hospital yesterday to pick up the test results. But they ran a second test, and so we will know the results today. The new infant’s problem was not serious and easily corrected by changing his formula.
While I’m on the subject of medical issues, it seems like a good time to share a snapshot into the expense of providing medical care for the children. From December 12, 2017 through June 27, 2018, we spent a total of $10,605 on the varied medical needs of the kids.


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