From July 19, 2018

Within minutes of driving through the gate at Santa Chiara, Oleta, Carla, and Josette approached the car, each carrying an infant. They squeezed into the back seat of the Xterra. Carla is Ecarlatte niece. She is living and working at Santa Chiara for the summer. She is a great help. Just as we were about to leave, someone tapped on the window. Billy got out and let another woman squeeze into the back seat. I did not recognize her. I asked Billy who she was. Billy said it was Anaïca’s mother. When we arrived at the sisters, there were lots of very poor women with children at the various gates and doors into the compound. We were permitted to drive into the main gate. The sisters told us to go right up to the hospital. Anïaca’s mother carried her.

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