From September 9, 2018

With 24 toddlers still in diapers, life is very interesting and never dull. There are days I wonder how all this is working. Our 70 kids make a lot of noise. The house is filled with laughter…and virtually no fighting. I’m writing this at 10:00pm on Saturday night. The silence on the island is deafening. I miss the kids, especially Bency and Naïve who give me great joy. Of course, Tamysha has stolen my heart. She enters my office every morning with one word: juice. She expects me to jump up, walk to the kitchen, and get her a box of juice from atop the refrigerator. Judeline is endlessly cute and believes she is the princess of Santa Chiara. Those four girls, plus infants Peter Francis and Clare Marie make our second-floor residence a busy place.

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