Leobel Recovering

From September 27, 2018

Leobel is slowly recovering from typhoid fever. While Nurse Rose does not think he is contagious, we’ve decided to err on the side of caution. His mom came to visit him on Tuesday. We asked her if Leobel could stay with her so she can take care of him for a week. Nurse Rose gave the mother specific instructions on what to feed him and the times and amounts of his medication. Yesterday, Billy and I drove mother and son to her place in Petionville. I told the Mom she could only have him for a week, two at the most, because we need him at Santa Chiara. She is so grateful that we have taken suck good care of her some for the last three years…and, she is also grateful that we have given her other son, Adrian, a second chance to live and work at Santa Chiara.

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