From October 23, 2018

After all the bunk beds we have already purchased, we still had eight kids sleeping on the floor. Truth be told, most of our kids never had a bed before. Sleeping on the floor, which often was a dirt floor, is all they know. Some poor families might have one bed for the entire family. Of course, there was no such thing as private bedrooms. Now that all the kids will be in bunk beds, two on the top, two on the bottom, we need to buy the additional beds to get to the place where each kid has his or her own bed. The problem is space. The space problem gave birth to the need to build a girl’s dorm. We still have not yet put a firm estimate on the cost of the building that we designed, but with beds, dressers, closets, and a bath room, we figured the cost will be about $25,000. But there is a chance the space problem could have a far less expensive and much quicker solution.

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