Florida Update

From November 29, 2018

My flight to Ft. Lauderdale departed 15 minutes early, landed 25 minutes early, and customs was virtually empty. I was actually in my car a few minutes before the flight was scheduled to land. My breathing had improved enough that I was not too winded by the long walk to the parking garage. I made it to the doctors by 2:45pm, stopping briefly on the way to pick up all the mail that accumulated during the 21 days I was away.

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Medical Update

From November 25, 2018

There are times I’m completely blown away by the tireless dedication of some of the staff. Here is a case in point. Last Sunday (11/18), Billy and I went to Peace Hospital with Josette and Holganita. We spent over six hours together before it was determined the child needed to be admitted. When a child is admitted an adult must remain with them to care for them, as there is not nursing staff dedicated to just watching the sick kids. Josette spent the night with the child. The next day, Monday, the protest was in full force, so we had no one to relieve Josette.

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The Stimulating Chaos of Haïti

From November 30, 2018

I had to go the bank to deal with some details of opening new bank accounts in the name of the Santa Chiara Children’s Center, which has now been approved by the IRS as its own 501(c)3 nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation. There was a bank-error that caused glitch in the process, which caused a bit of delay and I will have to return to the bank today or Monday. It is our hope to be ready to receive donations directly to SCCC by January 1, 2019. Stay tuned for an official announcement. Somehow, the day was consumed by administrative duties, including preparing for a telephonic board meeting next week. While I wanted to get some rest, I was happy I was at least breathing easier and I had the energy to do what needed to be done.

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Back to Florida

From November 28, 2018

Yesterday, I wrote to asthma/lung doctor to say how what I thought was a simple cough that began a week ago Sunday after spending over six hours in a filthy, unsanitary hospital with a sick kid turned out to be a much more serious lung/breathing issue, to the point that by Friday I had so little pulmonary reserve I could barely walk or lift and heavy object. I told him I had the medication left over from the last such attack back in February, which I have been taking for three full days and as a result my breathing is less of a struggle and my coughing has diminished, but that I am still not fully recovered.

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From November 24, 2018

I began writing this Journal entry on Tuesday (11/20) at the airport in Miami, while waiting for a connecting flight to Atlanta. In Tuesday’s Journal I said the Journal would take a short break. I couldn’t disclose the real reason for the break because it would kill the surprise I had planned for two very special Journal readers: My sister, Regina Marie, and my brother-in law, Ronald Joseph.

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From November 18, 2018

On Friday night, one of our volunteers who lives her during the week and goes home on the weekend, was on her way home when she encountered the protestors in downtown. She had no choice but to turn around and come back to the safety of Santa Chiara. The protests are supposed to start in earnest today. Already many people have been killed this week in gang related violence. Fr. Tom says there will be more kids showing up at Santa Chiara.

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Emergency Hospital Run

From November 19, 2018

Yesterday morning around 9:00am, Billy came to my office to tell me we had a very sick child in the nursery. The name is Holganita; she is the younger sister of Jodely, the little boy who recently spent a few weeks in the hospital with pneumonia. Billy said the girl was having difficulty breathing, her heart was racing, and she had a fever. I went downstairs to see for myself, as yesterday was a day not to be on the streets because of the protests. When I saw Holganita is was deeply concern. Her stomach was going up and down, her heart was racing, her breathing extremely labored, and her forehead was really hot. Grace Hospital is closed on Sunday.

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