Billy sent me an update on the five new kids who entered the protective womb of Santa Chiara since I left. Ecarlatte knew about most of these new kids. We know have 65 kids living with us, 24 of whom are still in diapers. Our children range in age from one month to 14 years; 45 are girls, 20 are boys. Ecarlatte also told me about two unborn babies who will be coming to Santa Chiara soon after they are born. Two pregnant women came separately to Santa Chiara over the last weekend. Both were homeless and had no means to care for their babies when they are born. One lady was going to give her baby to a place that “houses” babies but she heard that many of the babies are sold. They both heard that Santa Chiara takes very good care of their children. One woman expects to have her baby in July, the other in September.

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