From July 1, 2018

I had planned to have today’s Journal just be photographs of the kids playing jump rope. But some very tense, life-threatening events that consumed Friday and Saturday have compelled me to instead share a miraculous story.

At 8:00am, Billy and I left for Peace Hospital with Josette, a staff member, and Baby Ruth. Tests were indicating she had pneumonia. She was hospitalized with the same condition last year; at the time, she was very sick, and Billy and I spend endless hours with her in the hospital. I have great photo somewhere of me carrying her out when she recovered. We simply dropped Josette and Baby Ruth off at the hospital and then zipped up the mountainside to Pétionville to do a major a shopping. We spent just under $1,400. After unloading the car, we were tired and had planned to cook some fish for lunch. But those plans were interrupted when Ecarlatte came upstairs with Emilia. Emilia works part-time at Santa Chiara; her duties mostly center on do laundry by hand. Emilia is also the mother of Elena, one of the girls living with us. Emilia was seated outside the kitchen in the wicker chair room. When I greeted her, I was stunned by what I saw.

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