From July 2, 2018

Billy and I left for the hospital at 8:45am. The male doctor was with Emilia when we arrived. He had just changed her bandage. He said the infection was doing well…it all looked good. He again expressed his hope we would get at least one more unit of blood. He still felt Emilia could be released on Monday. Emilia’s daughter, Elena, was there. She had been staying with her two cousins and she somehow made it on her own to the hospital. Elena was hungry. Before we went to the Red Cross, we took Elena to a small supermarket for food. She picked out mostly cookies, potato chips, and apples. We brought Elena back to the hospital to stay with her mom. Emilia’s sister went home to bring her three kids to Santa Chiara, where they will live for a few days until Emilia is fully recovered. I thought Emilia looked much better…she even smiled.

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