Easy Isn’t in the Cards

From July 4, 2018

It should have been a fairly easy day…but it wasn’t. We needed to go to Caribbean Market for food and supplies. We needed to take Emilia to the surgeon’s office to have her bandage changed. We needed to take Baby Ruth to a hospital lab downtown. We decided to zip the market early. But there was no zipping up the mountainside. We left Santa Chiara 8:20am. We were stuck in traffic without moving for nearly 15 minutes. No time for coffee and snack in the bakery. We zoomed around the store filling five shopping carts. One cart had only diapers. Another only rice and beans. We spent $1,325. We also spent $50 at market’s pharmacy. We got back to Santa Chiara at 10:25am. We unloaded the groceries and loaded Emilia, Josette and Baby Ruth into the Xterra and we were on the way downtown by 10:50am. It is always a stressful drive.

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