From August 13, 2018

Around 7:15pm, Sabine entered my office. She does not speak any English. She just stood near my desk. I had no clue what to do. Then I had an idea to have her sit down and look at all the pictures I took earlier in the day of her and Adele. She seemed pleased. But once I shuffled through the 25 or so photographs, I was at a loss as what next to do. She was content to just be near me, as I once was a positive influence on her life. She looked at some of the papers and books on the table adjacent to my desk. Naïve and Bency spend lots of time at this table. I motioned to Sabine that she could look at the books and maybe do some coloring. She spotted a water painting kit on a shelf. She pointed to it. I said sure. I got her a little water. Within seconds she was fully engaged in making an original painting.

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