From August 12, 2018

When it was time for Tamysha to go to bed, I showed Sabine our nightly routine of swinging her back and forth before lowering her crib and tickling her feet. We end by blowing each other kisses and saying bòn nwit (pronounced bon wee) which is Kreyòl for good night. Once I had put Tamysha to sleep, I turned my attention to entertaining the three older girls while Ecarlatte and the nanny tended to Peter and Clare. Clare was crying up a storm. Bency, Naïve, and Sabine did
drawing and coloring for a while…then Naïve said they wanted to watch a children’s show they like. I really try to minimize there viewing, and not let it get habitual. But, it was Friday night and we had a very special guess. For new readers, Sabine was the first child we made contact with. She lived win an unfinished structure next door to us in our first little apartment in a slum in Peguyville, which is adjacent to Pétionville.

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