From November 17, 2018

Yesterday, a priest and two women from Chicago were at Mass. They were volunteering with the sisters for a few days. Before coming to the sisters, they volunteered in another part of Haiti. The priest, Fr. Paul, concelebrated the liturgy with Fr. Tom. Afterward he said Fr. Tom’s homily was like a “retreat,” adding that he wished he could have taped it. After Mass, it was my attention to zip out as fast as possible because we had a busy agenda. While I was putting on my sandals, the priest said, “I’m Paul.” I told him my name…and added that I lived in Haiti, not to far from the sisters. He asked what I did. I told him about Santa Chiara. There was something about him that I liked, and so, I said the sometimes volunteers with the sisters have a few hours free and they come visit Santa Chiara. He said he would like to visit.

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