With Sincere Gratitude

I greatly appreciate the prayers that were offered for my brother Bill in response to yesterday’s Journal. What I failed to mention about my brother was his total dedication to caring for his daughter who had Down’s Syndrome. I am also thankful for the first donation to a fund for the construction of the much-needed girl’s dorm, which came from a monthly donor from Michigan.

Bus Is Almost Gone

This Green Card situation is driving me crazy. (I know…it’s a short drive.) My plan for Thursday, was to drive to the Homeland Security Office in West Palm Beach, which is about a 75-minute drive. I thought I could walk in and talk with someone about the situation.

From Bus to Beds

I hope two days of bus demolition photos weren’t too boring. Removing that bus was a very significant event in the life of Santa Chiara. It had dominated so much space. I wanted to give the kids more room to play.