From July 8, 2018

As I drove through the slum yesterday morning on my way to Mass, I could not help but notice that there were far more people walking than usual at that hour. I only saw one car moving. When I reached Delmas, 33, I could not believe what I saw. When I looked right, which is the way I would drive to go to airport, I saw evidence of how the road had been blocked by burning tires and trash. The road was totally blocked. When I looked left, which is the way I drive to the sisters, I saw how the streets was littered with rocks…even boulders to block traffic. There was smoke rising from small fires. Hundreds of people were walking about, looking like they were in shock from the level of destruction. I felt I could have weaved my way up the road to the intersection leading to the road I take to Delmas, 31 which is where the sisters (and Fr. Tom) live. But because I had no idea of what was beyond where I could see, I decided to make a U-turn and head back to the safety of Santa Chiara.


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