From August 6, 2018

Everywhere you look in Haiti, you will see hunger needing to be fed, suffering needing to be relieved, hearts needing to be healed, anger needing to be calmed, gloom needing optimism. We see this every day at Santa Chiara. The children entering our gate come bearing all kinds of physical, emotional, and psychological wounds that need to be lovingly embraced and healed. Many have been physically, verbally, and sexually abused. Some have been abandoned or sold into domestic servitude, working long hours for meager scraps of food. Besides feeding and educating our kids, Santa Chiara strives to transform their lives by giving them a sense of hope and purpose, by treating them with dignity and respect. In just over a year, we are seeing the early fruit of our work, as a number of children living at Santa Chiara are being transformed before our very eyes. They are feeling a sense of family and are lovingly caring for each other. It is nothing short of miraculous.
Thank you for being part of the miracle. I beg for your continued support in order for the Santa Chiara Children’s Center to continue to be an island of hope in a sea of despair.

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